Monday, 10 July 2017

What Is Liver Abscess???

Liver abscess is a condition in which a pus filled cyst is developed in the liver. The liver is an organ in the digestive system that helps in the digestive process and performs many other necessary functions such as producing bile to help break down food into energy, creating essential substances like hormones, cleaning toxins from the blood, including those from medication, alcohol and drugs and controlling fat storage and cholesterol production and release. 

Pus is a fluid which is composed of white blood cells and dead cells that develop when the body fights off infection. An abscess occurred with swelling and inflammation in the surrounding area. It can also cause pain and swell in the abdomen. A liver abscess can be dangerous, if it is not treated properly on time.

A liver abscess can occur to anyone. The condition can be developed by infections that directly spread from the nearby structures such as the bile draining tubes, from the intestines or appendix, or carried in the blood stream from other distant parts of the body. A liver abscess can also be the result of any surgery or other strain to the liver.

Treatment For Liver Abscess

The treatment for liver abscess depends on the level of infection. Low level of infection can be treated with the help of antibiotics but high level of infection may need surgery. Surgery includes inserting a needle and placing a drainage catheter into the abscess to eliminate the infection containing pus. A liver biopsy is also performed to analyze overall health of the patient with the help of CT scan and ultrasound.

It is recommended to contact immediately if the person feels pain in lower abdomen, choking or severe difficulty breathing, fever, chills, vomiting and diarrhea. A liver abscess needs medical emergency as it causes serious health problems. 

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