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Know more about Gall Bladder Stone Removal

What is gall bladder?

Gall bladder is a pear sized organ that collects and store bile. Bile is a digestive fluid that is produced by the liver. Gall stones are developed in gall bladder and can be removed by performing a common surgery. Dr. P. Radha Krishna is one of best gastro surgeon in Chennai to treat gall stones.

Gall stones are the type of stones that developed in the bile duct or gall bladder. Generally, gall stones are developed after urination. The possibility of developing gall stones increases when high amount of waste products and low amount of water are left in the bladder after urination. Gall stones are basically crystallized minerals.

How many types of gall stones are?

Gall stones are of three types

  • Cholesterol- most frequently appeared due to obesity, pregnancy, rapid loss of weight, crohn’s disease, and high blood triglyceride level.
  • Black pigment- developed due to high destruction of red blood cells.
  • Brown gall stones- occurred due to reduced flow and infection in the bile.

The main cause of developing gall stones are inability to empty bladder fully or making concentrated urine. Enlarge prostate, urinary tract infections and certain bladder problems are responsible for that. Other causes are
  • Weak bladder
  • Urinary or bladder infections
  • Neurogenic bladder
  • Damaged urethra

What are the symptoms of gall stones?

The symptoms of gall stones are
  • Frequently urination
  • Problem in urination
  • Blood in the urine
  • Obstruction in urine flow
  • Pain in lower abdomen
  • Dark colour or cloudy urine

What are the treatment options for gall stones?

Gall bladder stone do not have any permanent type of treatment option. Surgery is the best option to remove gall stones. Treatment plans for removing gall stones are
  • Extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (ESWL)
  • Dissolving stones by using drugs made for bile acids
  • Surgery
The Gastro Surgeon, Chennai has excellent facilities to treat gall bladder stones. Dr. P. Radha Krishna is a highly qualified and experienced doctor. He has many years of surgery experience and provides satisfactory services.

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